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Child Seat Safety

  1. Most fatal crashes occur at speeds less than 40 mph and close to home so CONSTANT use of safety seats is vital.

  2. If a child seat has been involved in a CRASH, don't use it; it would be difficult to know if it's integrity has been preserved.

  3. Even though 65% of children are restrained in some form of safety device, there is 30% significant error rate on the part of the user.  It's very important to carefully FOLLOW MANUFACTURER'S INSTRUCTIONS.

  4. Car Seats need to have been made after Jan.1, 1981 to be crash-tested and approved by the Federal Government and meet "STD213-80" criteria.

Protect Your Kids in the Car

The safest place for any child 12 years old and under is the back seat.  Every child should be buckled in a child safety seat, a booster seat, or with a lap/shoulder belt, if it fits.

Riding with Babies 

Riding with Young Children

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The information in this article was provided by:
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration